This series examines teacher evaluation for the purpose of improving both pedagogical skill and student achievement. Designed for aspiring and practicing administrators, department coordinators, teacher leaders, peer observers / evaluators or any educator responsible for teacher growth and evaluation.

School Districts across the nation are planning reform efforts in response to federal grants and changing policies which address systems and structures supporting student learning and teacher effectiveness. This series will help you "identify and do what matters" in teacher observations and feedback conferences focused on the dual purposes of growth and evaluation.

Teacher evaluation is often rushed, focused on meeting administrative deadlines, and purposed in assigning ratings rather than promoting professional growth. This course tackles a long debated question in professional literature and practice:Is it possible to observe teachers and give feedback which maximizes their development while measuring and evaluating their effectiveness?Using professional literature, interviews and self-reflection, participants examine evaluation as part of a system to promote teacher growth and competence.

Instructor: Marlene Grueber

Feedback after teacher observations is vital for both teacher trust and growth. When feedback is focused on student learning, there is potential to create a shared understanding of good teaching. This course examines how to plan and use feedback as an opportunity to promote teacher growth and conduct evaluation purposed in improved student learning. In addition to professional readings, feedback observations and interviews, participants will plan and conduct a teacher feedback conference and prepare a written evaluation. Please note:

Although Teacher Evaluation: Doing What Matters in Teacher Feedback is not a prerequisite for Teacher Evaluation: Doing What Matters in Teacher Growth, it does provide a natural sequence for them.

Instructor: Marlene Grueber

We examine observations designed to address both teacher growth and evaluation for the purpose of improved student learning. Teacher observation gives a direct way to provide feedback for this purpose.

Instructor: Marlene Grueber

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