EDUO 9418: Creating a Dyslexia Friendly Classroom

Develop an understanding of characteristics and what teachers need to know about Dyslexia. Learn approaches to design lessons around structured literacy, mathematics instruction and your classroom arrangement for students with Dyslexia. Explore ways to accommodate students with Dyslexia in the classroom.

Instructor: Todd Klamm

EDUO 9417 Advance to IEP Pro

Learn how to carefully read, interpret and contribute meaningfully to an IEP to ensure accommodations and modifications based on student needs are in place. Understand that IEPs differ slightly from district to district and that all IEPs have in place Federal IEP Guidelines mandating student needs be met. Designed for general education teachers, related service personnel, and paraprofessionals who support learners with disabilities, all course participants will engage in activities that stress fully reading and interpreting an IEP,  knowing the general educator’s role in the development and implementation of the IEP and the difference between accommodations and modifications.

Required readings: All readings will be provided to participants by the instructor.

Instructor: Shawn Watters

EDUO 9400: The Inclusive Classroom

Experts agree that for the successful inclusion of students with special needs into the general education classroom, a collaborative partnership should be formed between the regular classroom teacher and the special education teacher. Extensive and ongoing planning is needed for both teachers to adapt or modify instructions, materials, and the general education classroom environment for the benefit of the included student with special needs. This course is designed to facilitate the planning and preparation necessary for all students to succeed.

Instructor: Jennifer Prescott

Instructor: Jennifer Prescott

EDUO 9401: Seeing Asperger and/or Autism From A New Perspective

Intrigued by the diagnosis of Autism?  Wonder how to better understand a student with Asperger?  This course offers an up-close and personal look at Asperger or High-Functioning Autism through two novels, and two unique perspectives.  The main characters who present with behaviors and life-altering decisions related to the diagnosis take the reader on a journey they will never forget!

Instructor: Mollie Kesserling, PhD

EDUO 9403: Special Education - Discipline

Students with disabilities are subject to specific legal discipline procedures which do not apply to all students campus-wide. There are steps which must be taken when dealing with students with disabilities. This course will thoroughly review the law pertaining to these students, and provide you with valuable information on avoiding legal conflict.

Instructor: Mary lou Varni

EDUO 9414 Helping Children with Special Needs using a Brain Based Approach

Understand how a brain-based multi-disciplined approach can benefit children with special needs. Gain knowledge on how to best help these children by attending a 3-day conference, Parent, Professional and Teacher Training.  During the conference, you will discover the root cause of children’s neurological difficulties; learn about a scientific approach to tackle these challenges; and become empowered to take control of affecting children's development.

Instructor: Carolyn Catalano

EDUO 9415 Using Technology to Foster the Independent Special Education Student

Learn technology-based strategies to foster independence in the special education student. Discover how to easily implement an abundance of free technology resources that will help meet the challenge of accommodating, engaging and targeting the individual needs of students with learning disabilities. Frontload your lessons using technology as a key support resource to Entice, Empower and Engage learners to be more independent learners.  Build a library of current and proven technology resources that can be easily implemented in your classroom.
You will be provided with TONS of free technology resources that are easy to implement in your classroom.

Instructor: Amy Rowan

Instructor: Amy Rowan

EDUO 9416 Maximizing Paraprofessionals in the Inclusive Classroom

Learn how to maximize the use of Paraprofessionals in the inclusive classroom.  Create opportunities for them to be a true asset to teachers, students, and their families. Designed for paraprofessionals, general education teachers, art, music , physical education teachers and intervention specialists, participants will learn the guidelines for paraprofessionals; supportive teaching and behavior strategies, instructional methods; the various roles and responsibilities of paraprofessionals in the P-12 public school environment. Gain strategies to support the wide range of academic and behavioral needs of students with exceptional learning needs.

Instructor: Shawn Watters