Teachers will read and view research that confirms the importance of developing certain skills and practices to bring about happiness. Following directed practice activities they will engage in a positive attitude and life style that can serve as a model for their students.

Through website resources and course assignments, teachers will be supported in the development of a compassionate classroom while at the same time making their students aware of the importance of becoming compassionate citizens.

In this course, teachers will cultivate classroom learning by engaging student curiosity while respecting the order of their school.

Resilience is a skill and can be taught. In this course you will find many tools to help teachers encourage and teach their students to bounce back from adversity.

Through website resources and course assignments the teacher will become aware of how a fixed mindset hinders the growth of many students and how a growth mindset can aid students in acquiring the skill of perseverance.

The inspiring educator strives to reach all students; the purpose of this course is to help teachers who aspire to inspire to realize that goal.

This course demonstrates that tolerance can best be taught by bringing people together and having them work with each other. Since this isn't always possible, many materials and resources are presented to help teachers understand and promote fearlessly confronting intolerance, wherever it lies. Teachers are in one of the best places in society to foster tolerance.