Teacher Leadership
Certificate Program

Instructor – Lori Spinelli


Welcome to the Teacher Leadership Certificate program!

The Teacher Leadership Certificate is designed for the teacher who demonstrates exemplary teaching, understands the demands of the teaching profession and has a desire to increase their leadership responsibility while maintaining their role as a classroom teacher or instructional coach.

The successful completion of 15 Semester Credits/Units is required to earn your Teacher Leadership Certificate.

Certificate Courses:

  • EDUX 9930   Developing Curriculum to Engage Learners 2-6 Semester Credits/Units  COURSE CLOSED
  • EDUX 9940  Maximize Student Success through Enhanced Instructional Design  2-6 Semester Credits/Units

    Students must have a total of six units from either of the two courses above. If you took EDUX 9930 last summer 2016, your credits will qualify toward the Teacher Leadership Certificate Program.

  • EDUO 9900   Building an Effective Teacher Leader   2 Semester Credits/Units
  • EDUO 9901   Reflecting as a Teacher Leader   1 Semester Credit/Unit
  • EDUO 9902   Balancing Your Role as Teacher and Leader   3 Semester Credits/Units
  • EDUO 9903   Facilitating Collegial Conversations   3 Semester Credits/Units

EDUO 9900 – 9903 courses build upon one another and must be taken sequentially. Students should enroll in one course at a time.

EDUO 9900 Building an Effective Teacher Leader

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements to be an effective teacher leader. Through an examination of the theoretical frameworks; Teacher-Leadership Skills Framework, Teacher Leader Model Standards, or the Teacher Leadership Competencies, prepare for increased leadership responsibilities. Explore teacher leadership attributes that foster a climate of trust and respect. Design a professional learning action plan to work collaboratively with colleagues to investigate the use of an instructional practice to maximize student success.

EDUO 9901 Reflecting as a Teacher Leader

As teachers’ responsibilities are rapidly changing to meet the needs of their 21st century learners, every teacher must be an educational leader. This course requires the implementation of the professional learning action plan created in EDUO 9900 Building an Effective Teacher Leader. The leadership skills of the teacher will be enhanced through the experience of facilitating the professional learning plan with colleagues. As a reflective practitioner the teacher leader will analyze and communicate the effect of the professional learning on student success.

EDUO 9902 Balancing Your Role as Teacher and Leader

Teacher leadership is not an isolated task. Growing as a leader involves building connections with colleagues while remaining grounded in improving learning for all students. Explore the complexities of communicating with adult learners as you examine characteristics of teacher leaders.  Critically analyze the conditions that encourage individual commitment to action that have impact on improving classroom practices and student success.

EDUO 9903 Facilitating Collegial Conversation

Instructional coaching can facilitate professional learning and make a significant difference for teacher practice and student outcomes. Explore ways to empower your colleagues to lead their own learning and meet the needs of their students.  Cultivate and nurture trusting collegial relationships as teachers embrace meaningful change.