Certificate Program

Instructor – Joe Herz

Welcome to the Technology Integration Certificate Program!

The Technology Integration Certificate Program offers educators a unique opportunity to engage in practical instructor-guided educational technology courses leading to the issue of the certificate.  This program is designed to effectively help teachers develop sound teaching practices and skills necessary to engage and empower today’s digital learners who live, learn and play in a technology-infused world. This program recognizes technology as a vital instructional tool and supports the teacher’s role as the catalyst in preparing learners to become responsible and effective users of technology. Courses in the program support development of a technology-infused pedagogy and the tools and classroom management necessary to achieve those goals.

The Technology Integration Certificate Program certificate is issued upon the successful completion of 15 Semester Credits/Units. Courses include those designed specifically for the certificate program and those from a list of participant-selected qualifying courses. Courses range from 1 to 3 semester credits/units.  All certificate courses provide hands-on assignments developed by experienced technology instructors. Instructor feedback and peer interaction is built into the certificate program. The program strongly supports many CCSS and all ISTE standards for students and teachers. 

Learn, Engage, Advance with your Students.

The successful completion of 15 Semester Credits/Units is required to earn this Certificate.

Required Certificate Courses:

  • EDUO 9146  Technology-Rich Learning Environments   2 Semester Credits/Units
  • EDUO 9147  Technology Leadership  (must be taken last in the series of courses)  2 Semester Credits/Units

EDUO 9146 & EDUO 9147 are required courses to earn your Technology Integration Certificate. You must also complete a minimum of 11 Semester Credits/Units from any of the courses below:

  • EDUO 9101  Fundamentals of Google Docs and Drive  3 Semester Credits/Units
  • EDUO 9106  IPad in Your Classroom  2 Semester Credits/Units
  • EDUO 9108  Flipping your Classroom Teaching   2 Semester Credits/Units
  • EDUO 9118  Teaching with Google Docs & Drives   2 Semester Credits/Units
  • EDUO 9125  Watch This! Creating Powerful Presentation  2 Semester Credits/Units
  • EDUO 9130  What’s Your Story? – The Art of Digital Storytelling  2 Semester Credits/Units
  • EDUO 9131  Teaching with Chromebook  2 Semester Credits/Units
  • EDUO 9137  Getting Started with Coding  1 Semester Credit/Unit
  • EDUO 9138  Nourishing Responsible Digital Citizens  1 Semester Credit/Unit
  • EDUO 9326  Understanding and Applying Artificial Intelligence in Education
  • EDUO 9878  Project Based Learning – YOU can do this!  2 Semester Credits/Units (project must be Technology-based)

If you took any of the technology courses above during 2016, your course credits will qualify toward your Technology Integration Certificate.

Questions? - contact Joe Herz at   Subject: Technology Integration Certificate