EDUO 9584 Teaching Financial Literacy Grades 4-8

Develop an understanding and importance of the key aspects for financial literacy in grades 4-8. Learn approaches to create and design lessons pertaining to earning income, buying goods and services, wants vs. needs, and saving and investing for the future. Explore the key characteristics of financial literacy to assist students in understanding the value of money. This course is recommended for grades 4 through 8.

Instructor: Todd Klamm

EDUO 9583 Constructing Geometry Learning Centers

Construct geometry learning centers for future use that will turn students into mathematicians, carrying out independent explorations of math concepts at the concrete level.  Games that require the application of geometry concepts are also included.  These centers are most appropriate for upper primary through middle school.  Select from the provided abundance of “ready-to-go” learning centers and construct activities that will engage students in open-ended explorations.

Instructor: Ron Kremer

EDUO 9577 Mental Math Chats: Leveraging Meaningful Math Discussions

Develop an understanding of what a math chat is.  Learn how to have meaningful mathematical discussions with number/symbol relationships and computation fluency using mental math as the staple for learning.  Develop a cultural transformation in their classroom using inquiry-based learning and dialogue.  A Google email account and use of Drive is recommended for this course.

Instructor: Maureen Surbella

Instructor: Maureen Surbella

EDUO 9520: Teaching Elementary Mathematics - Multiplication

"Multiplication" gives greater meaning to multiplication concepts through interactive activities that the teacher may use with their whole class or in learning centers with small groups. The activities are consistent with common core standards and can easily be adapted to the needs of all students. (Most of the activities have extensions or modifications that allow the teacher to "tailor" the materials to the needs of their students.) The course is structured so that the teacher can choose the assignments they want to accomplish depending on the number of units (1, 2, or 3) they are taking, or select the assignments most appropriate for the students they are teaching.

1 Credit/Unit (staff training component, 4 student activities 1 extension, 1 reflection)
2 Credits/Units (staff training component, 7 student activities 3 extensions, 2 reflections)
3 Credits/Units (staff training component, 10 student activities 5 extensions, 4 reflections)

Instructors: Anthony Flores and

Instructor: Ron Kremer

EDUO 9526: Expand Your Knowledge of Common Core Math Standards

Gain a deeper understanding of one domain within the Common Core Mathematics Standards. Working through course resources and mathematics websites, you will study one domain within your grade level standards. You will find activities to teach that match that domain and have a chance to reflect on them. You will also interact with other teachers to see what they have discovered.

Instructor: Julie Sweetman

Instructor: Julie Sweetman

EDUO 9552 Exploring with Squares and Cubes

Course Description

Through the hands-on activities in "Exploring with Squares and Cubes," students become independent investigators.  They learn how to pose questions and tackle problems the way mathematicians and scientists do.  Since mathematics is a branch of science, mathematicians also use the scientific method.  In the process of exploring these activities students will behave as mathematicians:

  • exploring mathematical questions (conducting experiments with manipulatives)
  • recording and posting resulting solutions
  • organizing and analyzing collected data (including comparing, sorting, and classifying)
  • evaluating data (removing duplicate solutions and errors, creating a "solution set")
  • discovering patterns in the organized data, often revealing missing solutions
  • extrapolating, predicting the size of the next solution set, based on previous patterns

Instructor: Ron Kremer

EDUO 9555 Teaching Elementary Mathematics – Fractions

Fractions can be abstract. This course endeavors to make them as concrete as possible. The level of difficulty ranges from simply cutting shapes into halves, fourths, and eighths to building 3-dimensional models of mixed decimal fractions. Students will engage in a variety of explorations using manipulatives to discover fractional relationships.

Instructor: Ron Kremer

EDUO 9575 Growth Mindset in Math

Help students unleash their potential to learn math through innovative teaching built around mathematical mindsets. Discover how visualizing, playing, and investigating pave the way for open student thinking, for powerful brain connections, for engagement, and for deep understanding of math concepts.   Explore methods for creating an environment that values mistakes.  Become familiar with the impact that positive messages have on students. Learn new strategies to increase student achievement.   A Google email account and use of Drive is recommended  for this course. Required Text: Mathematical Mindsets, Jo Boaler.

Instructor: Julie Sweetman

Instructor: Julie Sweetman