EDUO 9525: Exploring Animals Using Experience-Based Activities

Exploring Animals with Experience-Based Activities emphasizes student interaction with concrete materials, encouraging hands-on exploration of concepts, constructing meaning and understanding.  The students will be behaving as scientists: Exploring, comparing, observing, identifying, recording data, etc.  The emphasis at the elementary level is on observing.  (Science protocols require the humane treatment of animals.  Care needs to be taken for animals brought into the classroom for observation.)  Students will be engaged in field and classroom observations, model building, and art projects that reinforce the concepts.  These interactive activities are consistent with common core standards and can be easily adapted to the needs of all students.  (Many of the activities have starred suggestions at the end for further study, particularly for older students.)  The course is structured so that the teacher can choose the assignments they want to accomplish depending on the number of units (1, 2, or 3) they are taking, or select the assignments most appropriate for the students they are teaching.

1 Semester Credit/Unit -  (staff training assignment and application, 2 major activities, 2 extensions, 2 reflection)
2 Semester Credits/Units -  (staff training assignment and application, 4 major activities, 4 extentions, 4 reflections)
3 Semester Credits/Units - 
(staff training assignment and application, 6 major activities, 6 extensions, 6 reflections)
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Instructors: Anthony Flores -"
Ron Kremer-

EDUO 9561 Constructing Science Learning Centers

Drawing from the large appendix of “ready-to-use” science center activities provided in the course content, construct a variety of learning centers for upper primary through middle school levels that encourage students to independently explore topics in science.  Notes to the teacher in the write up for each center give directions for construction, gathering and preparing materials, and suggestions for following up an activity when all of the students have had an opportunity to explore that center.

Instructor: Ron Kremer

Instructor: Ron Kremer